Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

If there’s no off-the-shelf solution,
“custom” is customary at Insulflex®.

Custom-fabricated EAF Cable Cover

Specifically designed to protect water cooled power cables on Electric Arc Furnaces. EAF Cable Cover is custom fabricated in the diameter and length that fit your specific cable protection needs. It can also be supplied with sectional inserts in critical areas to offer extra heat and/or molten splash protection.

Custom-fabricated/accessorized hanging curtains

All Insulflex® fire blanket and heat resistant cloth products can be fabricated into protective hanging curtains, and variously accessorized—including glass fiber, ceramic or stainless steel thread… non-magnetic grommets… abrasion edge trim. Different materials can be combined to achieve maximum splash and flame resistance. Applications range from molten splash resistance around foundries and arc-furnaces to large volume OEM parts on locomotive engines and heavy equipment.

Custom-fabricated Removable Insulation Covers

Insulflex® Removable Insulation Covers can be supplied in almost any size, In large or small quantities, with various closure systems. Our solutions combine the physical and thermal properties of 17 oz or 32 oz Pyroblanket™ with fiberglass/ silica/ceramic internal insulation to create custom removable insulation covers for the most severe environments.

More information… Removable Insulation Covers.

Case study: Keeping the trains running

Private branding

We can brand some of our most popular products, such as Pyrojacket®, with your company name and logo. Contact us for more information.

Other options

Some Insulflex heat resistant materials offer custom size/colour options. Where these are available, they are listed on the product’s own page. Further options— and many innovative solutions—are provided by using more than one Insulflex® product in combination to achieve outstanding characteristics and performance.

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