Insulflex® Firesleeve

Insulflex® firesleeve protects hoses, lines, cables and wires…
guard your personnel… and cut your energy losses.

Cool Blue™ Firesleeve

Braided firesleeve interior layer is twice as thick as (and denser than) our heaviest Pyrojacket®. Cool Blue™ Firesleeve

EAF Cable Cover

Custom fabricated. Withstands abrasion, heat, impacts, flame, molten splash in AC/DC (Electric Arc Furnace) operations.

Pyreflect™ Firesleeve

Performance lab-tested at 3000°F (1650°C) for 1 minute. Reflects 90%< radiant heat. Pyreflect™ Firesleeve

Aerostyle Pyrojacket®

World’s only thermal protection firesleeve to achieve UL certification and VW-1 Flame Resistance rating. Aerostyle Pyrojacket® Firesleeve

Industrial Pyrojacket®

Withstands repeated exposures to molten metal and glass to 3000°F (1650°C). Industrial Pyrojacket®

Pyrojacket® VCO

Knitted hi-bulk glass fiber, heavily coated with proprietary silicone rubber. Internal flame-retardant hook-&-loop closure.

Silicaflex™ Firesleeve

Braided silica gives excellent high-heat performance, with unmatched abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

Thermosleeve™ B

Economical heavy-wall braided glass fiber sleeve, with excellent insulation properties and dielectric strength.

Thermosleeve™ S

Braided glass fiber yarn. Designed to expand and contract by approx: 25% of nominal size.

Festoon Protection

Protect your hose and cable festoons from abrasion, extreme heat, sparks, ash, and molten splash.

Flexgard™ Firesleeve

Now MSHA approved! Flexgard is the only Nylon® abrasion firesleeve treated with our proprietary heat and flame resistant coating technology

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