Insulflex History

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ADL Insulflex® – A Brief History

1962 – The ADL Group begins experimenting with non-asbestos materials to protect hoses and cables from flame and molten metal splash.

1992 – The Insulflex® Division is formed to focus on the engineering and product development of various high temperature materials.

1996 – ADL Insulflex® Inc. is incorporated in Canada and the USA, initiating ADL Insulflex’s entry into international markets. The company moves from the Toronto area to Cobourg, Ontario.

1997 – ADL Insulflex® establishes a sales office in Germany and quickly expands sales throughout Europe

1999 – We develop a new product called EAF Cable Cover which has revolutionized EAF Steelmaking by allowing steelmakers to avoid unexpected cable failures due to wet charges.

2001 – Pyrojacket® VCO is introduced as an innovative way to install Pyrojacket® protection without disconnecting hoses or cables.

2003 – ADL Insulflex® opens a sales office in China.

2005 – ADL Insulflex® expands manufacturing operations.

2006 – Expanded liquid silicone rubber coating capacity by building a new, fully automated LSR coating line.

2007 – Introduced Cool Blue™ firesleeve for higher insulation values and developed Pyrosleeve® Economy (PSE), a new economical version of firesleeve.

2008 – Launch of fourth generation website.

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