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Custom Festoon Heat Protection Solutions
Protect your hose and cable festoons from abrasion, extreme heat, sparks, ash, and molten splash

A small investment against downtime

A festoon protection system pays for itself many times over each time it prevents the punitive costs of an unscheduled shutdown, equipment replacement and lost production time.

Designed for the steel mill’s harshest conditions

We fabricate Custom Festoon Protection Systems from Insulflex® high temperature fabrics—our proprietary range of high-performance materials, designed specifically for protection in extreme environments.

An Insulflex® custom festoon protection system wraps cables and hoses in flexible, durable high temperature jacketing. Flapped, cinched closures guard against infiltration by dust and abrasives.

Custom trolley skirts 

From the same Insulflex® high temperature fabrics, we also fabricate custom trolley skirts to protect the vulnerable saddles from heat or damage at each saddle support location.

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