Pyroblanket™ 32oz

Heat, flame and weld spatter protection, designed to exceed industrial standards where resistance to moisture, sunlight, corona and hydraulic oils is needed.

Our midweight Pyroblanket™

A midweight (32oz/yd2; 1085g/m2) high temperature resistant fabric, constructed from a glass fiber base fabric, impregnated both sides with a specially compounded silicone rubber coating designed to shed heavy weld spatter and resist heat and occasional flame.

Impervious to contaminants

Pyroblanket™ 32 oz is completely impervious to water, moisture, hydraulic oils. It is used primarily for fabrication of premium grade valve insulation covers, hanging flame-protection blankets in outdoor and offshore use, and protective molten splash applications.

Stock and custom colours and sizes

Available in iron oxide red. Other colours available by special order. Pyroblanket™ 32 oz is sold in 60″ and 36″ widths (1525 mm and 915 mm) x 150 ft (45 m) rolls. It can also be supplied in cut lengths, custom shapes, or as custom fabricated curtains with grommets.

See also Pyroblanket™ 17 oz and Pyroblanket™ 96 oz.

Guard against fraying and absorption

Newly developed Odourless End Dip™ is designed to coat Pyrojacket® and Pyroblanket™ at the ends. This special formulation of liquid silicone rubber prevents fraying and the absorption of flammable oils or other contaminants into exposed glass fibers. Read more about Odourless End Dip™

Pyroblanket™ 32 oz Fire Blanket – Quick Facts
Continuous operating temp: 500°F (260°C)
Max short term exposure: 2160°F (1182°C)
Molten splash resistance: Good
Weld spatter resistance: Outstanding
Flame resistance: Very good
Abrasion resistance: Very good
Flexibility: Outstanding
Water and oil resistance: Outstanding

Pyroblanket™ 32 oz Fire Blanket
Width oz/yd² Coated Part No.
36″ 32 2 sides PB32-36-2 red
60″ 32 2 sides PB32-60-2 red
Available in any length up to 150 feet.
Pyroblanket™ 32 oz Fire Blanket
Width grams/mtr² Coated Part No.
915mm 1085 2 sides PB32-36-2 red
1525mm 1085 2 sides PB32-60-2 red
Available in any length up to 45 metres.

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