Removable Insulation Covers

If wear and exposures are part of the problem, we can custom design removable insulation covers to handle the harshest conditions.

Heat insulation alone may not be your solution.
Requirements for thermal performance are often accompanied by the need to solve issues of abrasion, oil, moisture, vibration and flexibility.

Our solutions combine the physical and thermal properties of 17 oz Pyroblanket™ or 32 oz Pyroblanket™ and fiberglass/silica/ceramic internal insulation to create custom removable insulation covers for the most hazardous and severe environments.

Typical applications include:

  • Custom made covers for exhaust manifolds and turbos on heavy diesel engines
  • Custom made furnace covers to protect people and equipment from heat and molten metal splash.
  • Welding spatter and grinding swarf protection covers, on mobile equipment, rail grinders and construction applications.

Custom in-house fabrication facilities
Removable insulation covers can be supplied in large or small quantities, in almost any size, with various closure systems.

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