Pyreflect™ Firesleeve

Performance lab tested at 3000°F (1650°C) for 1 minute, Pyreflect™ sleeve reflects at least 90% of radiant heat energy.

Cable and hose protection in extreme heat

An ideal choice for operations where occasional radiant (infrared) flow must be blocked or stopped. The mirror like surface of Pyreflect™ Firesleeve reflects heat away, instead of absorbing heat and dissipating it through the fabric.

Pyreflect™ heat reflective firesleeve is fabricated from Pyreflect™ Fire Blanket. Pyreflect firesleeve has two layers of aluminum coating and a protective film, all laminated to a specially designed heavy grade aramid fiber cloth by means of a heat stable adhesive. The aluminum layers will not delaminate from the cloth, even under the most extreme heat conditions.

Available double-stitched or with VCO closure

The sleeve is constructed by slitting the blanket to the appropriate width and double stitching the edge with high temperature glass fiber thread. It can also be supplied with the VCO option of a high temperature hook-and-loop closure system sewn inside the sleeve to allow installation without disconnecting hoses or cables. Pyreflect™ firesleeve has an extremely durable construction, and can meet the most demanding abrasion and tensile strength requirements.

Pyreflect™ Fire Sleeve – Quick Facts
Full diameter range up to 12″ (305 mm)
Continuous operating temp: 650°F (343°C)
Max short term exposure: 1000°F (538°C)
Molten splash resistance: Outstanding
Flame resistance: Good
Abrasion resistance: Outstanding
Durability: Outstanding
Flexibility: Outstanding
Water and oil resistance: Outstanding

Pyreflect™ Fire Sleeve
Inside Diameter Part No.
1/2″ PRF-08
3/4″ PRF-12
1″ PRF-16
1-1/4″ PRF-20
1-1/2″ PRF-24
1-3/4″ PRF-28
2″ PRF-32
2-1/2″ PRF-40
3″ PRF-48
3-1/2″ PRF-56
4″ PRF-64
Available in custom lengths.
Also available with Velcro Closure Option. Please call for pricing.
Inside Diameter Part No.
13mm PRF-08
19mm PRF-12
25mm PRF-16
32mm PRF-20
38mm PRF-24
44mm PRF-28
51mm PRF-32
64mm PRF-40
76mm PRF-48
89mm PRF-56
102mm PRF-64
Available in custom lengths.
Also available with Velcro Closure Option. Please call for pricing.

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