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We’ll enjoy solving your high temperature problem

Our in-house engineering department thrives on challenge. Tell us about your application and environment and turn us loose to find your specific solution.

Rapid turnaround

Whether we’re delivering an order or an answer, speedy response is at the heart of the exceptional service commitment you should expect from us. With extensive research and development activities and complete fabrication capabilities all in-house, we custom design and produce prototypes for field testing, typically within three days of your inquiry. Conceptualize, prototype, test – solve.

R&D is a vital, mainstream Insulflex activity

Each new product we introduce, and each new application-specific solution, begins life as a problem for a client. Today’s line-up of Insulflex brands and products has emerged from creative minds in relentless pursuit of cost-effective, high-performance solutions. Whatever challenge you task us with, we’ll bring our full expertise and diligence to providing the solution.

Call on our experience in industrial environments, including:

Automotive foundries
Automotive manufacturing
Die casting
Forestry equipment
Injection molding
Marine and aerospace
Non-ferrous smelting
Tire plants

Auto racing
Chemical processing
EAF mini mills
Glass and ceramics
Integrated steel mills
Mining equipment
Offshore drilling
Robotic welding
Turbines and generators

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