Heat Resistant Tapes

Heat resistant tape and high temperature tape

Non-asbestos heat tapes — adhesive, non-adhesive, self-bonding or heat reflective types.

Glass fiber insulation tape. Heat reflective tape. Silicone rubber heat resistant tape. Adhesive or non-adhesive high heat tape. Industrial, field and off-shore applications. Visit the links below for details of our heat resistant tape solutions.


Knitted E-glass with a thick coating of silicone rubber. Field installable tapes withstands flame, molten metal splash, and intense radiant heat.

Pyrosil™ Tape

Self-fusing, non-adhesive silicone rubber tape designed to seal Pyrojacket™ sleeve at the hose ends.

Silicaflex™ Tape AB

Economical and field-installable. Slit silica tape with a pressure-sensitive adhesive withstands 982°C (1800°F) continuous.

Fiberflect™ Tape

For radiant heat applications. Heat reflective surface impervious to fluids/contaminants; high adhesion; abrasion protection.

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