Cool Blue™ Firesleeve

Designed with extra-thick, braided high-bulk glass fiber to protect your personnel from hot hoses and piping, while cutting your heat energy losses.

Best possible heat insulation properties

Cool Blue™ high temperature firesleeve is designed to provide your personnel with effective heat protection against burns from flexible steam lines and hot hoses.

Beneath the heavy coating of our proprietary compound of cool blue silicone rubber, Cool Blue’s braided firesleeve interior layer is twice as thick as (and denser than) our heaviest grade of Aerostyle Pyrojacket® firesleeve.

Heat transfer through the firesleeve is gently dissipated, so that Cool Blue™ firesleeve remains friendly to human touch even at elevated temperatures.

Note: The exterior coating will not adhere to human skin.

Excellent modulus of elasticity

Cool Blue™ firesleeve can be used to bundle groups of hot hoses or tubes.

Performance rating
Depending on your operating conditions, Cool Blue™ firesleeve can reduce an outer temperature of 380 ° F (194°C) to approx: 130°F (54°C). Insulflex® Cool Blue™ firesleeve can typically be installed on hose assemblies operating up to 600°F (316°C).

Cool Blue™ Quick Facts
Sizes up to 3” (76.2 mm) diameter
Flame resistance: Very Good
Abrasion resistance: Very Good
Flexibility: Outstanding
Water and oil resistance: Outstanding

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