Technology for Diesel Engine Components

IMG 0492 e1462374825459 300x188 Technology for Diesel Engine Components

From fire and heat resistant sleeves such as OEM grade Aerostyle Pyrojacket®, to radiant heat reflective surfaces utilizing multi-layer aluminization technologies like Aluminized Silicaflex, when engines get hot, we handle the heat. Right up to 1800°F (982°C) continuous.

Diesel Engine OEM’s are constantly encountering increasingly difficult environments with rising temperatures and less space to accommodate complex designs. Engineers and designers choose Insulflex® for the latest products and assistance with thermal analysis of ambient, convective and radiant heat flow. We protect fuel lines, power cables, wire harnesses, lubrication systems and even rigid tubing in the harshest environments. Custom designs to protect your components from high heat is our specialty!

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