Welding Blankets, Fireblankets and Curtains

A number of Insulflex® products make excellent custom-designed blankets for applications such as weld spatter protection, fire and flame protection curtains, and slow cool annealing of cast automotive parts.

Pyroblanket™ is constructed from glass fiber cloth coated with silicone rubber. Using a proprietary calendaring process, the liquid silicone rubber is impregnated right into the glass fiber. This creates a unique product with total resistance to moisture and contaminants.

Sold as a premium quality fireblanket, our 17oz and 32oz Pyroblanket™ products set new standards for resistance to flame, weather, salt water, ozone, corona and abrasion. Pyroblanket™ can be supplied in a roll format or in custom-fabricated blankets with factory-installed grommets.

Pyroblanket™ applications include protection from occasional flame exposure, weld spatter protection, and protection from molten metal splash in steel plant and aluminum foundries. Applications for Insulflex® premium outdoor fire blankets include offshore drilling rigs, oil refineries, electrical utilities, military and naval applications.

Silicaflex™ is a unique textile that will withstand exposure to continuous flame and heat up to 1800°F (982°C). Silicaflex™‘s excellent resistance to thermal conductivity and best-in-class abrasion resistance make it an excellent choice for foundries looking to enhance the metallurgical properties of their cast parts through the use of slow-cool annealing blankets.Silicaflex™ can be fabricated into custom blankets or shaped covers, or can be supplied in roll format.

Silicaflex™ is typically used in naval and military applications, steel plants, aluminum foundries, petrochemical processing and oil refineries.

Pyreflect™ fire blanket is our toughest high temperature fabric. With a double-mirror aluminization heat-stable bonded to an aramid base fabric (a blend of Nomex® and Kevlar®), Pyreflect™ is an incredibly tough and durable high-temp fabric. Rated for continuous exposure up to 650°F (343°F), Pyreflect™ excels in applications where the reflection of radiant heat energy is needed.

Pyreflect™ cuts and sews well, and is supplied in rolls or in custom fabricated shapes and curtains. It is also used to make heat protection suits and heat reflection blankets for the metallurgical industry, military, naval applications and oil well firefighters.

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