Pyrojacket® achieves government trademark registration in China

April 15, 2010 – Cobourg, Ontario, CANADA – ADL Insulflex Inc., is pleased to add China to it’s growing list of global markets where genuine Insulflex® products are sold and protected by registered trademarks. Recently, ADL Insulflex achieved government certified registration of Pyrojacket® firesleeve in the People’s Republic of China.

Pyrojacket® firesleeve can withstand repeated heat exposures to molten steel, molten aluminum and molten glass up to 3000°F (1650°C). The heavy coating of Pyrojacket’s proprietary iron oxide red silicone rubber compound sheds molten metal splash (extreme heat) immediately.

In the last decade, China has become one of the biggest end user markets for Insulflex® heat resistant products.Pyrojacket® firesleevePyrotape®Silicaflex Firesleeve, and Pyroblanket are found in many Chinese steel plants, foundries, power plants and automotive manufacturing facilities to protect their mission critical equipment in high-temperature environments.

Steve Allan, Vice-President and General manager of ADL Insulflex Inc., noted that superior product quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing has made Insulflex® the “go to” high-temperature problem solutions provider for many Chinese companies.

“ADL Insulflex has developed a reputation in China as the ‘high-temperature protection experts’. This primarily boils down to several key factors: Our ability to forge strong and respectful business relationships in the local Chinese culture, deliver high-quality products, competitive pricing and are able to develop custom high-temperature protection solutions for unique and demanding high heat environments”, explained Allan.

Insulflex® heat resistant products are manufactured in both Canada and the USA and are sold throughout the globe by over 650 distributors located in 65 countries.

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