INSULFLEX® Develops Covid19 Isolation Blankets

Isolate and protect critical front line workers with flexible Corona Virus Barrier Curtains

As manufacturers and suppliers to critical sectors in Fire Protection, Aerospace, Transportation, Security/Defense, and critical manufacturing operations, ADL Insulflex, Inc. has remained open and functioning to service the vital needs to those who are supporting the battle against the Covid19 Pandemic. Last week we started production of our newly designed and developed Corona Virus Protection blankets.

Insulflex® Covid19 Protection Blankets can be supplied in roll form, or in custom made blankets or curtains designed to fit your space and provide needed isolation protection of front line workers in health care applications, critical goods manufacturing, or anywhere the a safe and reliable separation barrier is needed. Covid19 Protection curtains can allow critical manufacturing processes to continue in close proximity, while maintaining proper social distancing for the safety of workers. Forming a non-permeable curtain barrier, Covid19 protection blankets feature an external surface of PTFE or LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) for a non-toxic, fire resistant and inert surface that can be easily cleaned. Covid19 Isolation curtains do not absorb waters or fluids and can be easily disinfected.

Insulflex® Copvid19 Protection Blankets can be supplied with flexible windows or in formats that are certified to meet ASTM E84 and ASTM E162 protection standards.

Made in Canada by ADL Insulflex, Inc. Special Price and Delivery Conditions are available to health care institutions and front line protection agencies.

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