How to find your local Insulflex® distributor

There are Insulflex® authorized distributors in over 60 countries—more than 500 in the USA alone—to support you with expert help and rapid service.

To find the Insulflex distributor best located to serve you, complete our quick online form with details of your high-temperature insulating requirements, together with your location and your contact details. (Link below.)

Your information comes direct to ADL Insulflex, and is used to refer your request to your authorized Insulflex distributor. For all legitimate technical inquiries, we can usually offer referral to one of our stocking Insulflex distributors within 24 hours.

Please note: due to the large number of inquiries, we can respond
only to corporate and/or commercial inquiries.)

Typically, end-user applications are referred to our Insulflex distributor partners. Large OEM inquiries (such as Custom Exhaust Covers) are usually handled directly by ADL Insulflex, Inc. To enable us to refer you quickly, and to ensure you receive a prompt call-back, it’s important to fill in our contact information form accurately and completely.

ADL Insulflex manufactures and sells many different high temperature protection products. Our largest selling product is Pyrojacket sleeve also know generically as Firesleeve. We have many stocking distributors for Pyrojacket Firesleeve worldwide.

Other popular Insulflex products include EAF Cable Cover, Silicaflex, Thermosleeve, Flexgard and Pyreflect.

Locate your local authorized Insulflex distributor…

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