Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

ADL Insulflex, Inc. supports global efforts to end human rights violations and violence connected with the mining of certain minerals from the conflict region known to be DRC Congo and adjacent countries.

Although the Insulflex® product line of high temperature protection materials does not contain or use gold, tin, tantalum or tungsten in any form, we support the SEC 201 Frank Dodd directive and associated US Consumer Protection Act. Accordingly, we commit that:

1) We do not knowingly procure any materials containing gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten or the derivatives cassiterite, columbite-tantilite and wolframite from facilities in the conflict region./

2) We will undertake efforts to ensure our suppliers take similar actions and have a Conflict Minerals Policy in place.

3) Should we conclude that we have used minerals which have been procured from a “non-conflict free” supplier, we will make immediate and appropriate actions to transition to a “conflict free” supplier.

The continued support of global human rights initiatives is important to the management and staff of ADL Insulflex, Inc. and we will continue to support this worthwhile cause.

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