ADL Insulflex reports world’s first firesleeve protection to surpass DIN EN 45545-2 2013-08 standards.

Aerostyle Pyrojacket® has become the world’s first thermal protection sleeve to meet and exceed the new 2013 Train and Rail Standard DIN 45545-2 for fire protection, smoke density and smoke gas toxicity. This allows Aerostyle Pyrojacket® to be used as wire harness protection, hose protection, brake hose protection, cable protection, and hydraulic line protection on Europe’s high speed trains according to the latest standards.

Tested and Qualified, Aerostyle Pyrojacket® is available in a size range from 6 mm up to 150 mm inside diameter. Aerostyle Pyrojacket is tough, flexible, oil resistant, water and weather resistant, and completely fire resistant. It also meets the optical smoke density and smoke gas analysis standards according to the test methods:

DIN EN ISO 5659-2:2007-04

DIN EN ISO 5658-2:2006-09

DIN EN ISO 45545-2:2013-08

Aerostyle Pyrojacket® achieved an average CFE value of 20.94 based on independent and qualified lab tests of 3 samples. (CFE is the critical Heat Flux at Extinguishment).

For technical assistance interpreting these results, application consultation, or a copy of the test report, please contact our sales or technical departments.

Pyrojacket® and Insulflex® are registered trademarks of ADL INSULFLEX, INC. This is a notification only and not an endorsement for use of our products in any particular application. Users and specifiers should undertake their own tests to ensure application suitability. ADL Insulflex, Inc. offers samples for testing available at no charge. Pyrojacket® is made in Canada by ADL Insulflex, Inc. 

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