Pyrosil™ Tape

Silicone rubber high temperature tape forms a non-adhesive, self-bonding, self-curing, liquid-tight insulation barrier

High Temperature Insulation Tape
Pyrosil™ is a non-adhesive, iron oxide red silicone rubber tape, designed to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 475°F (246°C).

Broad application range
By virtue of its high dielectric strength, Pyrosil™ heat resistant tape is an excellent alternative to heat shrinkable tubing, vinyl tapes and wraps.

Typical applications include: wrapping wiring harnesses; protecting splices and terminations of power cables; insulating coils on motors and generators.

Pyrosil™ is also ideal for use as an end sealant in conjunction with Pyrojacket® to prevent hydraulic oils and contaminants wicking into the inner braid.

Pyrosil™ tapes are sold in 36 ft. rolls only.

Reinforced extra-strength Pyrosil™ also available

We can also supply Pyrosil™ Reinforced Tape. Reinforcement with sinusoidal-shaped glass fiber provides significantly more tensile strength. It also provides resistance to notch sensitivity. Width 1″ (25 mm).

Pyrosil™ Heat Tape – Quick Facts
PST-16 PST-24 PSTR-16
Width: 1″ 1-1/2″ 1″
Thickness: .020″ .060″ .020″
Profile: Triangular Triangular Rectangular
Reinforcement: None None Glass fiber
Dielectric strength:
400 volts/mil 250 volts/mil 450 volts/mil
Max temp: 475°F/246°C 475°F/246°C 500°F/260°C
Elongation: 300% 300% 25%
Tensile strength: Moderate Good Outstanding

Width Roll size Thickness Reinforcement Part No.
1″ 432″ .020″ None PST-16
1-1/2″ 432″ .060″ None PST-24
1″ 720″ .020″ Glass filament PSTR-16
Width Roll size Thickness Reinforcement Part No.
25mm 11mtr 0.5mm None PST-16
38 11 1.5mm None PST-24
25 18 0.5mm Glass filament PSTR-16

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