Custom Fabrication

At ADL Insulflex, Inc. we employ the latest technologies in our fabrication processes as we are in constant pursuit of world class efficiencies, accuracy, and cost competitiveness.

Starting with the highest quality CAD driven sewing machines from Germany, we use a variety of high temperature threads ranging from our own designs to specialty threads made from E Glass, Kevlar/Nomex and Inconel to achieve thermal stability in our finished products. We work with our own line of specialized high temperature fabrics and non-wovens such as Pyroblanket, Insulmat, Pyreflect and Silicaflex. We also work with fabrics from some other manufacturers so we can meet all types of heat, abrasion, insulation and motion sensitive application needs.

In order to produce highly accurate and cost competitive fabrications, we utilize a CAD driven fabric cutting machine that is designed to cut our heaviest grade fabrics of glass fiber and Kevlar. This allows us to build fire-proof protection systems and covers, molten splash protection covers and insulation covers to the tightest tolerances and standards. In many cases our protection systems can be certified to internationally recognized standards. Our lineup of custom fabrications includes:

  • Fire protection covers for the Aerospace Industry
  • Fire protection covers for Automotive welding and assembly plants.
  • Radiant heat protection systems for Solar Generation Fields.
  • Molten splash protection for Steel plants and OEM equipment.
  • Lightweight heat protection systems for F1 Race applications.
  • Fireblankets for Oil Refineries and Petrochemical plants.
  • Fireblanket protection for Marine Engines and Offshore drilling applications.
  • Fireblanket protection for architectural and building applications.
  • Forest fire protection blankets and enclosures for natural gas and pipeline assets.
  • Specialized Welding blankets in custom sizes and full rolls.
  • Heat protection blankets for industrial personnel protection.
  • Protection systems for welding, grinding and plasma gouging machines.

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