Solving PTFE hose problems in a tire manufacturing plant

PTFE press 150x150 Solving PTFE hose problems in a tire manufacturing plant

PTFE Tire Vulcanizing Presses

An Asian manufacturer of tire-vulcanizing presses approached an Insulflex® distributor for a solution to constant problems with PTFE hoses used to deliver steam to the presses. Tire press operators were complaining about a variety of problems, including:

  • Constant hose failures
  • Higher-than-promised energy required to run the presses
  • Slower-than-promised cure cycles
  • Numerous burn injuries to workers from contact with hot braided hoses.

ADL Insulflex, Inc, in conjunction with our Japanese distributor, determined that problems could be addressed by:

  1. Switching brands of PTFE hose from an unproven PTFE hose to pure T62 Teflon hoses. We introduced our distributor to a USA manufacturer of such a product.
  2. Incorporating a new process to permanently attach the spring guard to the hose collar – allowing a more even bend radius and less kinking.
  3. Installing one layer of Thermosleeve™ B and one layer of Aerostyle Pyrojacket® to achieve the following thermal objectives:
  • Reduce the amount of heat energy to produce a tire by approx.3.5%
  • Increase the temperature of the steam delivered to the press, thereby decreasing the cycle time — leading to Increased production.
  • Eliminate burn injuries on hot braided hoses. The outer temperature was reduced from 360°F to 135°F.
  • The end result was better hose performance and enhanced thermal performance, leading to better financial performance and more long term business for all involved.

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