Insulflex® Fire Blankets for Construction Sites.

ADL Insulflex offers high temperature resistant blankets specifically designed protect against weld spark, spatter and flame encountered in residential and commercial building construction applications.

The 17 oz and 32 oz Pyroblanket can withstand continuous temperatures of 500°F (260°C) and up to a maximum short term temperature of 2160°F (1182°C)

With the spark and flame resistance of the Insulflex® blankets, they are ideal for use on construction sites in such applications as protecting floors, windows and machinery from weld sparks and plasma arc systems.  The Pyroblanket can also be hung or used on walls, doors and windows to provide fire protection barriers.

The Insulflex® construction blankets have excellent insulative properties for such a thin blankets and can block a continuous mass of flame/heat energy for extended periods.

When the Pyroblanket is used as a fire protection barrier, the flame propagation gets blocked. Gases such as air are poor conductors of heat energy, with the blockage of the heat conductors by the Pyroblanket – if you have a 2000°F (1093°C) flame on one side of the blanket you can expect the ambient temperature on the other size of the blanket to decrease to 500°F (260°C) or less within 12” (30cm) of the blanket..

What is the Pyroblanket?

The 17 oz and 32 oz Pyroblanket have a glass fiber base and are impregnated on both sides with a specially compounded high temperature resistant silicone rubber. When exposed to high temperature and flame, the silicone rubber transforms to an expanded Silica refractory insulation crust, and this is an important part of the insulation and fire resistive technology. This heat ablative technology is unique to certain grades of silicone rubber and it is this technology which significantly impacts the performance. The specially compounded silicone coating allows the Pyroblanket to exceed the performance of other industrial and construction blankets where resistance to flame, moisture, sunlight, corona and hydraulic oils are needed.

Insulflex Construction Blankets are supplied in roll form 60” wide and up to 150’ in length or in custom sizes to fit your application.  ADL Insulflex offers full fabrication services to provide any size or shape required.

17 oz Pyroblanket (shown below)

ADL Blog Image Insulflex® Fire Blankets for Construction Sites.


17 oz Pyroblanket is ASTM E84 Certified which is the Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Materials.

17 oz and 32 oz Pyroblanket are both ASTM E162 Certified which is Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source.

Choosing the right construction blanket is critical not only to the safety of the people on the construction site but to the site itself.  Contact ADL Insulflex to learn more about Insulflex® construction blankets.

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