Fabricated Products and Insulated Muffler Covers

Our ability to produce heat insulation covers in complex and custom shapes has lead us in many new directions. By using some of our unique products – such as Pyreflect™, Pyroblanket™, Silicaflex™ and Nomex® Velcro – we can achieve highly customized characteristics of insulation value, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, and noise reduction.

The photos show a custom-designed muffler cover built for Caterpillar® in Peoria, Illinois. In this example, Caterpillar required total fiber containment and the ability to reflect radiant heat back into the exhaust system on heavy equipment. We used a 32oz Pyroblanket® outer covering, as it has the ability to contain loose insulation fibers, flex continuously, and withstand hydraulic fluids and flame in the event of a fire. Our Insulflex® E glass insulation helps achieve a temperature drop of over 350°F (177°C).

On the interior, we used our Pyreflect™ cloth to reflect over 90% of the radiant heat back into the exhaust system.

In addition to mufflers, Insulflex® custom fabricated covers can be used to insulate and protect complete exhaust systems, manifolds and turbos. This is especially important in the forestry and mining industries, where a hydraulic hose failure can easily spray oil onto a hot engine component and ignite a flash fire.

OEM’s such as Caterpillar appreciate that all Insulflex® custom fabricated heat covers carry a unique serial number traceable to our Total Quality Management system. This allows for easy replacement and eliminates the need to re-measure when replacement covers are required in the field.

OEM’s using Insulflex® heat protection include CaterpillarJohn DeereKawasaki, and the McLaren Formula 1 racing team.

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