ADL Insulflex Engineer Develops Thermal Analysis Testing Apparatus

IMG 00000019 300x300 ADL Insulflex Engineer Develops Thermal Analysis Testing ApparatusADL Insulflex, Inc is excited to announce the development of in-house K Value testing. Designed and developed by Chris Browning, B.Eng (Aerospace), this new capability gives ADL Insulflex the ability to quickly test and evaluate the resistance to thermal conductivity of high temperature materials such as Pyrojacket®, Pyrotape®, Pyrosleeve®, Pyroblanket, Thermosleeve, Pyreflect, Silicaflex,  EAF Cable Cover, Pyrosealent and various types of generic firesleeve products.

Steve Allan, VP and GM of ADL Insulflex states ” This technical development allows us to quickly analyze and design new heat protection and insulation products for various end user and OEM applications. As a newer employee, Chris Browning’s technical contributions to our thermal analysis capabilities have been a welcome addition to our efforts to deliver value and service to our global client base. This new capability will be combined with independent 3rd party testing and certification in applications where outside certification is needed. Chris not only designed the concept, but also developed the thermal analysis protocols required to measure K value at temperatures ranging from ambient room temperature to over 500°F (260°C).

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