ADL Insulflex Engineer Develops Thermal Analysis Testing Apparatus

August 20, 2013

ADL Insulflex, Inc is excited to announce the development of in-house K Value testing. Designed and developed by Chris Browning, B.Eng (Aerospace), this new capability gives ADL Insulflex the ability to quickly test and evaluate the resistance to thermal conductivity of high temperature materials such as Pyrojacket®, Pyrotape®, Pyrosleeve®, Pyroblanket, Thermosleeve, Pyreflect, Silicaflex,  EAF Cable Cover, Pyrosealent and various types of generic firesleeve products.

LNE Certification: Aerostyle Pyrojacket® Firesleeve

January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012 – Cobourg, Ontario, CANADA – ADL Insulflex, Inc has achieved LNE certification for Aerostyle Pyrojacket® Firesleeve. LNE is the primary governing body for the fire testing of components used…

Pyrojacket® achieves government trademark registration in China

April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010 – Cobourg, Ontario, CANADA – ADL Insulflex Inc., is pleased to add China to it’s growing list of global markets where genuine Insulflex® products are sold and protected…

ADL Insulflex and Al Banar Trading extend Middle East Distributor Agreement

March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010 – Following the successful appointment of Al Banar Trading as the exclusive wholesaler and master-distributor for Insulflex products, the management of ADL Insulflex, Inc. and Al Banar Trading…

Aerostyle Pyrojacket®: achieves UL certification & VW-1 Flame Resistance rating

January 3, 2010

ADL Insulflex is pleased to announce that Aerostyle Pyrojacket® has been tested and certified to UL 1441 standards for flame resistance, oil resistance, and dielectric strength. Passing the UL Certification process required…

Flexgard™ Firesleeve achieves MSHA acceptance

July 7, 2009

ADL Insulflex is pleased to announce that Flexgard™ firesleeve has achieved MSHA acceptance for use in underground mines. The MSHA acceptance number for Flexgard™ is # IC-258/0.

Insulflex® Case Study: Solving cable failures in an EAF mini mill

March 29, 2009

A well known German/American steel-plant engineering company was commissioned to work on a new Greenfield EAF mini-mill under construction in the American mid-West. Their role was to design and build…

Insulflex® REACh compliant products

November 11, 2008

Our list of ADL Insulflex REACh compliant products For our EU-based customers, ADL Insulflex®, Inc., has developed policies with regard to the REACh program.

How to find your local Insulflex® distributor

August 8, 2008

There are Insulflex® authorized distributors in over 60 countries—more than 500 in the USA alone—to support you with expert help and rapid service.

Welding Blankets, Fireblankets and Curtains

August 8, 2008

A number of Insulflex® products make excellent custom-designed blankets for applications such as weld spatter protection, fire and flame protection curtains, and slow cool annealing of cast automotive parts.

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